Mosaic error with Sentinel 2 data

I see that someone had asked this question before (Feb’16) but cannot see how it was fixed.
I am trying to create a mosaic of S2A frames following the SNAP online tutorial :slight_smile: I get following error messages
"Cannot display source products. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bc/ceres/binding/ValidationException "
“Cannot display source”
Thanks will really appreciate help; I have a webinar on 24 January 2018 introducing the SNAP s/w tool for processing S2A data

You should try again with SNAP 6.0 official that will be released on Monday!

Thank you!

I had 4 tiles of NDVI images(Source image was S2). After perfoming mosaicing, why the pixel value(NDVI in my case) is changed after decimal 3 or 4 place. I used vector data to compare the pixel value between the pre and post mosaic images.
P.S- Working on SNAP version 6.0

I did the same thing with my NDWI images, and I believe those values are output mosaicing variables, with mean pixel values accumulated by the arithmetic mean of all input values (Help).
Resulting image has an arithmetic mean of NDVI/NDWI values for all pixels of 4 input images.
Is it even possible to stack up these type of images this way? Given though values for these indices range from -1 to +1, the image based on arithmetic pixel value, could then be used for supervised or unsupervised classification?
Any thoughts?