Mosaic graph question


I use a mosaic graph to mosaic daily MODIS pass files to my region of interest. The only operator in the graph is mosaic and I give it the variables, conditions and crs. This works great.

However, I want to change things a bit and apply different conditions to different variables. Is there a way to apply conditions only to certain variables using mosaic, or do I need use other operators? I am open to creating a new graph that invokes other operators to do this, so any ideas are appreciated.



If you want to include a specific condition for a certain variable you can include the condition into the expression of the variable.
You can use the if @ then @ else @ statement for example.
Another option is to use the BandMaths operator upfront and apply the conditions, or you can use IdePix with the scene and merge the classification result with your original source. This classification result can then be used in a condition.