Mosaic operator complaining about band size even selecting same resolution bands

I have two questions concerning mosaics in SNAP:

  1. Can we only do mosais to a specific data type, XML?
    I tried to do it with JP2 and TIF, and it did not work.

  2. I am having an error “Product ‘sourceProduct2’” contains bands of different sizes. Currently it is not possible to use it for mosaicing.:

However, i select these bands (which have all 10 m resolution:

Anyone has an idea why is it acusing this error?
Atention, that I am using two products, two tiles from S2 which are neighborhoods.

Did you try to subset or resample the input datasets before mosaicing?


Hi @FedericoF

No, I haven’t, you think that is necessary? I mean I would like to keep the size, and not applying ant subset…
As for resampling, isn’t that to make them all with the same resolution?

for every process in Snap 5.0 you have to first resampled S2 Images to the same spatial resolution (eg 10m). It doesn’t matter what you do (subset, mosaicing biophisical parameters or something else). You should use options Raster-Geometric Operations-Resampling. It should help

Best Regards

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Good morning @kiryl23, I will try it now, however the one thing I don’t understand is why do we need to resample to 10m when they are all 10 m resolution already.

Hi @Sara.Aparicio

Even if you have selected only the 10 m bands, the Sentinel-2 MSI dataset contain bands at 3 different resolutions, and many SNAP operators can not deal with that.
The resampling operator just makes the dataset uniform in terms of grid size, and it is an unavoidable processing step in many workflows.
Hope resampling the dataset can be the solution,


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Thank you for the explanation @FedericoF

Hello, can you tell me how have you solved your issue? I’m currently having the same trouble and i think i will mosaic and resample if needed outside snap and then continue processing in snap

Which SNAP version do you use?

Take a look at this mosaic S2

Also take a look at this topic

United two datasets

I’m using 5.0 version. I chose to process the images separately as tif files, resample them and then stack the tif files on snap. It Took 20 minutes, fortunately i dont have to process a lot of images. Do you think it will run faster with those methods?

Please download and update the latest version of SNAP, Download SANAP

Sorry, my mistake, i was up-to-date