MOSAIC (virtual product) - error in the result


I’m mosaicing 4 different images (5 bands, 10m resolution) but didn’t save the product (only virtual). When I open it as an RGB the image is not correct. You can only see the pixels. Why is it?? Can I use the mosaic to make another task, such as a kmeans cluster analysis. Is the mosaic result reliable??

An image of the mosaic:

Thanks in advance!!

Dear User,

I guess that this issue is related to the default pixel size of the Mosaic module, indeed in the Map Projection Definition Tab you should indicate the resolution you need.
If you work with UTM WGS84 it is enough to change the default value of 1000m with 10m but if your projection is Lat/Lon WGS84 you should modify the value from 0.05° to 0.0001° to have the output at ~10m spatial resolution.

Please be informed that you can use the obtained mosaic as input for kmeans cluster analysis.

Best Regards,

Thank you @Fabrizio_Ramoino. I had to define the pixel resolution.