Mosaicing - Error while adding the second Source product (Landsat8)

Tried to perfofm Mosaicing, but got Error (see screenshot )

I have two LandSat8 products, which I want to “stich”.

  1. I’ve imported them into SNAP using File - Import - Optical sensors - Lamdsat - Landsat8 in 15 m (see )
  2. Opened Mosaicing window.
  3. Add the first Source product
  4. Click “+” to add the second one - Open file dialog appeared - tried to change directory (to select the second product) - got the mentioned error.

SNAP version - 5.0.2


I’ve tried the same and got not this error. Don’t know why.
However, after importing the Landsat products at 15m resolution you need to save them to disk (best as BEAM-DIMAP format). Then you can select the sored products as source for your mosaic.

Thanks a lot! I’ll try to do this way.