Mosaicing S1-Scenes in GPT

Hey Guys,
I want to mosaic different scenes of Sentinel1 using the GPT in Windows Command Line. I have different questions:
(1) Can I specify the inputs to be something like “all .dim files in the directory”?
(2) Can I choose how to process overlaps? I want to calculate the mean of the two images.

I only found Multi-Size mosaic, but the overlap methods did not tell me what really happens (Blend = mean?) and I did not get it running through command line, I am kinda new to windows cmd, but maybe this is a topic for another forum :wink:

If someone can help me with my questions I would be really thankful!
Wist best regards,

Calibrate and terrain correct the products first then use the SAR-Mosaic separately (not in the same graph)