Mosaicing (Sentinel 2): Mask

Good morning,

I would create a mosaic of S2-datasets. I have multi-temporal images with different cloud covers and I would like to add a condition/rule which does the following:

if opaque_clouds_60m == true or cirrus_clouds_60m == true:

I though I could add a “Condition” in the “Variables & Conditions”-Tab, but I got an error:

An internal error occurred during the target product initialisation.
Type: IllegalArgumentException
Message expression: Undefined symbol 'cirrus_clouds_60m'

What is my mistake? How to solve it?

I appreciate your help.

Did nobody ever try it? :disappointed:

Have you found a way??? I am trying to do that, if you can share how? Many thanks

Hello rodrigod,

indeed there is a solution. But I did not continue the way I tried here in this post. You can use sen2three a third party module which creates a cloud free mosaic. I implemented this module in a python script and also merged the tiles to one big mosaic using GDAL.