Mosaicking not available on gpt


I’m trying to build a graph that selects certain pixels in an image from masks and the mosaic seemed to work well on SNAP ESA. When I switched to the Graph Processing Tool, I couldn’t find the Mosaicking option in Raster > Geometric. However, people on the forum talk about the use of this tool in gpt.

Has the option been removed in the most recent version of SNAP ESA? Is it possible to use it only by directly writing a graph in an XML file? Is it stored somewhere else? The Multi-size Mosaic is now the only option?

I think the gpt they are referring to is the command line gpt. The Mosaic option is available there,

Thank you, that’s what I had in mind. Can you confirm that the Mosaicking option is not available in Graph Builder, directly from SNAP ESA?

I can only see the Multi-size mosaic, as you said

Yes, it is true the general mosaic tool is not available via the Graph Builder.
The graph builder is not fully compatible with the GUI of the mosaic tool. That’s why it is not available via the Graph Builder.
The multi-size mosaic tool has also an issue with the Graph Builder. Probably the same issue.

Actually, starting SNAP 9, the Multi-size mosaic will be available in Graph Builder.
This operator is among the ones updated for SIITBX-410.

Many thanks to @abruescas, @marpet and @oana_hogoiu for your answers!