Mosaicking two incidence angle to be one image

Hi, I am wondering how to mosaic far range image and near range image to be one image in snap? I would like to have all the bands from FR as well as NR but instead of two scenes, I would like to have them in one scene, is that possible?

Have you tried the SAR mosaic operator?

I am trying now. But it is very slow. I will update the result after completing the process

No it did not work, because I used already processed data, and SNAP always unable in recognizing this type of data.

what kind of data do you use and where is it from?

I used sentinel 1 data that has been pre processed in gama software, this is bin data. I would like to compare the mosaic result from snap and envi. But I forgot, this SAR data cannot recognized as SAR in SNAP.

yes, bin data is sometimes critical because parts of the original metadata is not contained.
But some basic geocoding should still be there, I guess. Can you import the files and display them in SNAP at least?

No. Sadly not. I converted them to tiff, hoping it might work. But still SNAP cannot recognize this file. Since the basic geocoding is simply vanished during pre-processing in gama.

You should be able to replicate your pre-processing in SNAP too.