Multi files selection

Hi, it is not a bug, but more a feature to add that would improve the work flow. I am using Snap 7 and it seems that we can only open a file one at a time when the files are decompressed (not in .zip). We can select multiple files from the SNAP - Open Product widget but the OK button does not perform any action. Because I think Snap does not see .SAFE directory as a product, we must select the .xml file inside each directory. When you have multiple files to open it becomes a bit time consuming. It would be appreciate if we could open multiple products by selecting only their .SAFE directory.

Thank you.

Yes, you’re right. The .SAFE directory is not detected as product.
A work around for opening several S2 product at once is to use the file browser of your system and drag the directories on the ‘Product Explorer’ in SNAP. Then all selected products will be opened.