Multi-size mosaic tools problem

Using sen2cor for atmospheric correction of the sentinel 1C data (20m), and then using the multi-size Mosaic tool tomosaic data, find the black edge of the image, the geographical location also shifted .What is the cause and how to solve it?

Dear wangxiami,
Can you, please, provide the products used for the Multi-size mosaic (meaning L2A products obtained after applying Sen2Cor)? I need them in order to reproduce this and fix it.

Sorry, I didn’t understand your meaning. Do you want me to provide the data of L2A?It’s a huge amount of data.

It’s ok, we managed to reproduce the margin issue. in your case, how can you tell that the result is shifted? Is it shifted because of the border (meaning the new geolocation is the old one plus the margins)?

hi ramona_manda
One problem is that there is a black side phenomenon after Mosaic, and the other one is to open a single scene L2A image to compare the Mosaic image, and find that the pixel does not match exactly. The pixel position is roughly offset by a quarter pixel.
Thank you very much for your reply!