Multilook NA in TOPS IF workflow graph?

My basic workflow for TOPS interferometry is:

  1. Open products
  2. Coregister
  3. Form the interferogram
  4. Deburst (Merging not necessary for me since I’m only working with a few bursts in one subswath)
  5. Multi-look
  6. Remove Topo Phase
  7. Goldstein Filter phase
  8. Do Range Doppler Correction
  9. Export to KMZ
  10. (Profit?)

This works when done manually, but when I try to construct a workflow graph for this, the TopoPhaseRemoval step complains that its input needs to be “single look complex SLC product”. What’s the problem?

Thanks for any help


Tom, be careful with the multilook. It may be producing intensity and the topo phase removal needs complex data.
Move the multilook to after the Goldstein filter

Luis - that worked, thanks!

Here’s the graph:

Completed 4 bursts of a sub-swath in 22 minutes - lovely!

For what it’s worth, it would be nice to be able to change the sizes of the panes in the Graph Builder, in order to show bigger graphs. I’m sure that’s on somebody’s ToDo list :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your prompt and excellent help!


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