Multiple inputs and batch-processing


First of all, I’d like to congratulate SNAP’s dev team, as my first impressions are that SNAP (with Sentinel Toolboxes) is becoming a very powerful tool, coming really close to multiple commercial-products that have been developped for years (and are really expensive !).

I’ve been exploring Snap’s Graph-Build and Batch processing, I have written a Graph for DInSAR processing (from SLC to Snaphu export), and I would like to implement it in an automatic processing for multiple files : i looked at batch processing, but I need 2 inputs (Read 1 and Read 2) for my graph and I can’t find a way to specifiy which files will be read as “Read 1” and which as “Read 2”. Is it currently possible ? (SNAP 5 with last updates)

If not, is it possible for to use this graph with a single master, meaning that one image will be set as “Read 1”, while “Read 2” will be set as a variable which will be filled with the products selected in the batch processing window ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who might provide some help.

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Currently this isn’t possible with the batch processing gui. You could do it from the command line gpt using ${variable} substitution.

Ok thank you for your quick answer.

I processed 6 Image data sets upto Snaphu export with batch processing. Took 3 days of processing time.
Will try >20 images for stamps export in coming days.

You may be better off breaking your processing up into small steps and scripting the processing.

You can try the snap2stamps package which does exactly the single master interferograms (by subswaths). See the post : Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

I hope this help!