Multiple polygons subsetting/masking issue

Good morning everyone,

I have seen a previous post about this topic but it remained open and without a definite solution, so I submit a new question about it.
I am working in the production of vegetation indexes on multiple polygons over a single Sentinel2 tile and I would like to produce the corresponding maps, so one map for each of the polygons. I have tried the use the subsetOp processor to extract those polygons but what I obtained is not the separated subsets, I got a rectangular box with its borders including my polygons. I used of course the WKT format for the MULTIPOLYGON option, and it worked but with that result.
I have also tried the Land Mask Processor with the polygons all merged as unique shapefile imported as a vector. In that case the multiple polygons are created but the output product is the whole tile with 0 value over the areas not included in the polygons. So if I wanted a geotiff file for each polygon I can not obtain it, but I can only write the whole tile as a Geotiff. Is there any other possibility instead of writing the whole tile or the bounding box? any possibility to split the polygons?

I say that everything is this case has been made via snappy for an automatic processing.
Thanks in advance for any reply!!