Multiple sources as input to Mosaic operator?

I have a graph that I am using to process S3 images.

Here are the component operators:
Subset (by georegion to shrink file and speed up processing)
Idepix (to identify cloud pixels)
Subset (by bands; only want to output conc_chl)
Mosaic (select area, set crs, mask clouds using IDEPIX_CLOUD)
BandMaths (remove “count” fields from mosaic; I need the output file to be as small as possible for emailing to a ship with limited internet capability)

There are probably other (and better) ways to do this. The main issue I’m having is that I need to have two inputs into the mosaic operator (the 2nd subset node for the conc_chl and the Idepix node for the cloud pixel classification). It seems that the mosaic operator reads the first source and not the 2nd. I don’t know if I can put output from two nodes into mosaic and if I can, I think I am using the wrong syntax. The graph is attached.

Any ideas on how to do this or a better way to write this overall graph are much appreciated. I would like to do this all in one graph if possible. I just need to subset, run C2RCC, mask clouds, map to a set region and output only conc_chl. If there are suggestions for a better graph, I would love to hear them. Thanks!


S3_graph_v4.xml (4.3 KB)