Multipolygon in Land/sea mask operator


I am trying to automate LAI calculations with gpt by command line. So far I’ve successfully implemented a simple graph (read>resample>biophysicalOp>write) but I would like to also apply a mask before biophysicalOp in order to run the model only on the aois hopefully speeding up the process.

Reading on the forums the way to go, at least regarding the mask, seems to be the Land/Sea mask operator providing a shapefile with a previous input vector step, but can it work with a multipolygon geometry?

Here is an example on how you can do it using a shape file:
MSI_gpt.xml (7.0 KB)

Thanks, I gave it a try and it works indeed also for multipolygons. Unfortunately masking seems to actually hurt performances… I guess I will just apply subsetting to geometry bbox.