My C: Drive is out of space after subset Sentinel-2 MSI

Hi everybody!

I’m processing Sentinel-2 MSI products in SNAP.

I want to export the products into TIFF so that I can process them in other software. Since Sentinel-2 has 3 different resolution, I have to resample the product firstly, and save them into BEAN_DIMAP in D: Drive. Then I export 3 BEAN_DIMAPs into TIFF(subset spatially and spectrally).
(Step1: Raster -> Geometric Operations -> Resampling; Step2: File -> Export -> GeoTIFF/BigTIFF)

However, after processing several products following the steps above, I find that my C: Drive is out of space and I wanna know why. So my question is, how to solve this problem and free my C: Drive space?

Thank you!

Actually this should have been fixed. (SIITBX-261). Do you have the latest updates?
At Tools -> Options -> S2TBX you can configure how long the cached data should be kept and you can force the deletion of the data. Actually it would be good to specify a max size for the cache, but this is not possible.

You can also delete it manually. The cached files are located in your user home directory in the .snap/cache/s2tbx folder. You can safely delete the content of this folder.

@obarrilero can you check this? Probably the maximum size option should be introduced

Thank you Marpet!! It is very nice of you.

I downloaded SNAP(win-64bit) from step.ESA few days ago, and I updated immediately after installation. Now the version of SNAP ENGINE is 5.0.8 in my PC, and I think it’s the latest version.

I find the cached files in .snap/var/cache/s2tbx/l1c-reader/5.0.7. I have found a button named ‘Clean up cache now’ at Tools -> Options -> S2TBX, and it’s pretty cool. 50GB space has been freed.

I have a suggestion that a notice can be shown in order to remind user to clean up the cache on time.

Also, I hope SNAP can solve the resolution problem soon~ Anyway, THANKS for your help!!


it would be possible to introduce the maximum size option and check it for example when launching the application. It will increase the startup time, but we could let to the user the option of activating/deactivating this checking. I will create an improvement in our issue tracker.

Meanwhile, if you do not usually work with the same products, I would recommend you to select “Delete cache at each startup” in Tools->Options->S2TBX->Sentinel-2Cache.