My disk C is full

I am working with interferometry in the SNAP software and my dico C is completely full. How do I delete the residual files automatically generated by this process.

As each processing step creates a new product you can delete products of previous steps to release disk space. Each product consists of a .dim file (metadata) and a .data folder (raster bands). The latter contains the most information but it is always good to delete both .dim and .data to keep your working directory clean.

However, deleting intermediate products will prevent you from going back to a previous step and re-calculating your data under different parameters. Maybe you can move intermediate files on an external hard drive until your analysis is finished. Especially for InSAR processing it is good to compare outcomes and to adjust parameters to the best possible setting.

Dear ABraun, I am saving my working files on disk D, the problem is that SNAP generates residual files on disk C, and I am causing my disk C to fill up quickly. I have deleted the temporary files but it has not worked. Thanks for helping.

I see. The standard location of the .snap auxiliary files is the user folder.

Please have a look at marpets suggestions here to move your cache folders to the D disk: Can not change default_userdir

Excellent!!! Thanks a lot.