My keyboard stopps working with SNAP 5.0


This problem is already reported as bug in issue SNAP-671. I observed it on my computer (windows 7) too.

I did the following.

  • loading a Sentinel-2 product
  • resampling to 20 m spatial resolution a window opens giving the message: "The target product has successfully been created … . Actual processing of source to target data will be performed only on demand … .
  • Within the box opened there is a button to click for “Don’t show this message anymore”
  • I clicked on this button and after some more actions using the mouse I recognized that there is no more keyboard input possible.

I found the way back:
I opened menu tools | options. The options window opens and directly on the first page is a point “other settings” with a button to click for “Show suppressed message dialogs again”. After activating this option by clicking on the button I had my keyboard back.

I hope this helps the developers to locate the error and helps other users to get their keyboard reactivated.



Thanks for sharing this info. Indeed it seems to help.
Really a strange issue.


Same things happens with me randomly. After working some time in SNAP, keyboard just does not work. I use 5.0 in Ubuntu 64bit.


So it is not only a windows problem. We have now 3 reports. Windows 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu.
And what the hell have the suppressed dialogs to do with the keyboard?


I also experienced this issue on Windows 7, and found that reverting back to Java 7 seemed to stop it occurring.


Have you replaced the jre folder in the installation directory or did you change the jdkhome property in etc/snap.conf?
Just installing a different Java version does not affect SNAP, because it comes with its own JRE.


I have the same issue on Win10. After some working time SNAP stops to feel the keyboard.


I had updated my SNAP recently (to 5.0.6) and it started losing the keyboard even more often.


It always losing the keyboard after Subset operation.
Please fix it!!!