NASA ARSET SAR Interferometry for Earthquakes training

The NASA Applications of Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) sessions from the Advanced Webinar: Radar Remote Sensing for Land, Water, & Disaster Applications the last two weeks are now posted online with recordings of the webinars and the slides presented ( The sessions on 16 August were on using interferometric SAR to map surface deformation related to earthquakes, in both English and Spanish. The demonstration portion used SNAP Sentinel-1 toolbox to make an interferogram for the February 2018 M7.2 Pinotepa Earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico.

En Español version Capacitación en Línea Avanzada: La Teledetección por Radar y sus Aplicaciones para la Tierra, el Agua y Desastres en mismo lugar, por Erika Podest.