NDVI Batch Processing

Hi, I am trying to compute the NDVI for ~70 Sentinel-2 tiles I downloaded from the USGS website. I created a graph using the band math operator, since the NDVI operator is not available in the graph builder, and loaded the MTD_TL.xml files for each of the tiles in the batch processor. I have tried to run it several times, but it only processes the first couple of files and then says the processing is complete. Let me know if there is anything I might be doing wrong!

I don’t know why the Batch Processing is not correctly working. But I invited someone to this discussion who can probably tell more.

In the mean time I would suggest to do the processing on the command line.
The is a guide in the wiki how to do it.
Bulk Processing with GPT - SNAP Wiki
In the graph XML file you can specify the NDVI operator. It is just the GUI which is not compatible with the Graph Builder.