Need help for the export of incidence_angle and back scattering data of S-1 GRDH product

Hello experts,
I am working on soil moisture retrieval using S-1 and S-2 products. I have done till extraction of backscatter through pre-processing, however, now wondering how to extract the incident angle (as these are already present in the tie-point option) and use them in algorithms to retrieve soil moisture. The help I seek:

  1. Which option is there to incorporate the S-2 image to S-1 images to mask out the vegetation effects from the backscattering scene?
  2. How to export incident_angle, so that I can use them in algorithms for Soil Moisture?
  3. How to export these backscattering values to use them in algorithms?

Looking forward to your help.


The first step is to convert the incidence angle to a full band using the band maths:


make sure that you un-check “virtual band”


The second step is to collocate both products so you can use both S1 and S2 bands in the Band Maths. Here is a tutorial on how to do it: Synergetic use of S1 (SAR) and S2 (optical) data and use of analysis tools