New archive format switchover?

Does anyone know if the new S2 archive format will be introduced instead of or in parallel with the old format?

Also, will it be .tgz (like the sample file here) or .zip as before?

I asked support, but have not heard back yet.


I’ve heard they will stick to zip as distribution format.
There will be a reprocessing of the old products. But only in a year or so. So for some time there are two formats.
Don’t take this as a official statement. It’s just what I’ve heard.

Thanks! This would mean that new products will be in the new format only, right?

Yes, I assume that. I don’t think they will distribute new products in the old format.

Following this conversation. I tried recently to open the sample product both using the desktop engine and the snappy libraries with no success. Is the current version not yet compatible with the new PSD14 format? is there any planned date for its upgrade?

Javier Gorrono

The PSD14 sample product can’t be opened with the current version of SNAP, it will be possible to open it with SNAP V5 ev. with module update. Opening zip file is also planned, it should be ready early next year if not earlier.

Thanks a lot Nicolas. Looking forward to trying the new products with SNAP v5