New module updates for SNAP

Dear all,

we have updated the modules of SNAP, today.
Unfortunately, due to a build error, we had to do the update twice.
So we increased the version from 6.0.7 to 6.0.8 and then once again to 6.0.9.
The changes can be viewed here:
For SNAP 6.0.8
For SNAP 6.0.9


Thank you for the update. The addition of release notes to the desktop is a very nice addition.

I think there’s a bug relating to the ASTER DEM. Geocoordinates are all zeros following a georeference update (not GTC!). Could you confirm that?
I see an unresolved bug regarding this:"ASTER"

The link seems to be broken or the website no longer exists. Probably the following could be a replacement:

Update: I manually downloaded an ASTER DEM for a specific area and tried it as an external DEM in SNAP. The result is the same so I assume the bug is not in the DEM?

I don’t know the status of this issue. But maybe @lveci can tell something about.

@lveci Any update on this? I also tried with ACE which resulted in the same issue.

On another note, the icon of SNAP changed. The icon being displayed is that of CSA (the Canadian Space Agency). Is that on purpose?

Where do you see the CSA icon? Only for the Update Geo Reference? Then it might be okay. Maybe the CSA funded this function. But I guess @lveci can tell.

Dear all,
we have updated the modules of SNAP.
The update includes only one change, but this prevented several people from writing reprojected data e.g. Sentinel-2 into a NetCDF file as mentioned here

and here

JIRA issue tracker

Try to Include SVM classifier in S1tbx by next release .