New release?


Can you give us an idea when a new version will be released? I’m specifically interested in the fix for the LUT issue discussed here. as many new scenes have this problem.


After I allowed the toolbox to apply an automatically downloaded update, the LUT fix got incorporated. However, it would still be great to have standalone archive with new releases to help in staging the toolbox onto compute nodes.

Maybe the following might make it easier for you to update a SNAP installation.
On the command line you can call:

snap --modules --update-all --nosplash

Windows (64bit):

snap64 --modules --update-all --nosplash

Currently we think about a restructuring of our installers. So maybe there will be an updated installer version soon.
A new major release (v3.0) is planned for February.

Thank you, this is an option.

To follow up, looks like VERSION.txt does not get updated when new modules are applied. Any chance this could be fixed? Alternatively, is there another file I can look at to find out the exact version?

The Version.txt is only updated if you use the installer but not when you only update the modules.
Also it is hard to say what the exact version it is.
Currently there is
SNAP v2.0.2
S1TBX v2.0.3
S2TBX v2.0.4
S3TBx v2.0.1
SMOS v5.0.2

So what is the version of your installation? You see it is not obvious. Additionally there can be updates of single modules which then might have the version

What do you need the version for?

I’m saving the version as metadata on images ingested into Earth Engine. In case a bug is found later, we will know which images were processed with which version. I think I only need to know the versions of SNAP and S1TBX. Can I read them from somewhere?

There are xml files located in the directories snap/update_tracking and s1tbx/update_tracking within the installation directory. These contain information about the modules via the installer.
After a module update similar files can be found in
Here the files in the installation dir are updated.

In these files are elements which have the attributes last and specification_version.
By analysing this you can identify which is the last/current version.

Probably it is easier to look into the metadata of a processed image.
After processing the data a metadata element named “Processing_Graph” should exist.
This contains for each node the module name and version.

Ok, thanks. Is there a programmatic way of reading the metadata? They are not saved as geotiff metadata. Anyway, reading from the XML files looks easy enough - I think i need just two: snap/update_tracking/org-esa-snap-snap-gpf.xml for terrain correction, and s1tbx/update_tracking/org-esa-s1tbx-s1tbx-op-calibration.xml for calibration and thermal noise removal.

In GeoTiff files you should find a tag number 65000. This contains xml containing also the metadata. Actually it is the same content as it would be written to the *.dim file when using the BEAM-DIMAP format.
Somewhere inside the xml you’ll find

<MDElem name="Processing_Graph">

Inside this tag you’ll find the information above.
This information is also restored if you open the file in SNAP again.

Thank you, this exactly what I was looking for.