New Sinkhole Norway and Italy

Greetings to all
I have recently seen this news
and I want to ask if someone has done interferograms for these places or done some preliminary analysis using techniques like SBAS, PSI, QPSI or similar?
Can anyone process these images using the Tep geohazards platform?

A huge sinkhole, about 22000 square. Naples

And this one
Norway, mudslide and sinkhole

I wonder about the programs that ESA has (for example Emergency Management Service - Mapping - Copernicus) that were created precisely to improve disaster risk management and to be able to foresee the occurrence of these events. In this case, were both events predictable?

Hi @crgo the sinkholes can be studied with PSI… I don’t believe that this type of studies are made by Emergency Management Service or other similar. It is a process progressive in the time and require high capacity of storage and advanced level of processing…

actually, the copernicus European Ground Motion Service plans exactly this for the near future to identify areas of accelerated displacement

EGMS Specification and Implementation Plan