New version of PEPS mirror site

It took a little while for PEPS Sentinel mirror site to update its software to the new Sentinel-2 format. But it’s done now, and, good news, the downloads should also be faster. And there is a programmatic downloader to get the data through very simple command lines such as

python -l 'Toulouse' -a peps.txt -d 2016-12-06 -f 2017-02-01 -c S2ST

Everything is explained here :


Please, there is a way to fix the maximum of cloud cover in the downloaded Sentinel-2 images.

Selection according to maximum cloud cover would be possible but it has not been implemented yet.
I will try to find some time to do it, but don’t expect it very soon.

Is it possible to download Sentinel-2 Level 2A single tiles with python ? If so what is the command-line option?


python ./ -c S2ST -p S2MSI2Ap -t T32SMJ -a peps.txt -d 2018-03-10 -f 2018-03-11

seems to work - Thanks!

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possibility to select according to maximum cloud cover (for S2) was just contributed by a user.
use -cc 20 to select all products with less than 20% cloud cover.
Many thanks to Erwin Bergsma

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