No Appropriate Product Reader Found - S2

Hi, I have just installed the latest SNAP package, with all of the appropriate toolboxes downloaded. I am having trouble loading S2 data with the error “No appropriate product reader found” shows in the photo.

I was loading S2A_USER_MTD_SAFL2A_PDMC_20160312T233952_R051_V20160312T105037_20160312T105037.xml

Please advice. Thank you

have you also installed the internal updates?


Hi I have just updated and installed the plugins but the error still occurs.

there is something strange in your product: the metadata is from a L2A product (S2A_USER_MTD_SAFL2A_PDMC_20160312T233952_R051_V20160312T105037_20160312T105037.xml) but it is in a folder that corresponds to a L1C product: S2A_USER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC…SAFE
Have you modified something in the product?