No appropriate product reader found - S3


Hi, I have just installed the latest SNAP package, with all of the appropriate toolboxes downloaded. I am having trouble loading S3 data. (ERROR - “No appropriate product reader found”).
I selected the file containing the manifest as per the instructions within the youtube video below. However, i am unable to load the data.

I am also getting a similar issue when trying to open the corresponding Level 2 imagery.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
Thanks Harry.


The data folder does not end with .SEN3. I think this is the reason why SNAP can’t detect the proper reader for the data.


Thanks this solved it, turns out I was unzipping the folders wrongly removing this file ending.


Hello, I am newly starting with this and I am very excited. Unfortunately, I am getting the same error when trying to open a folder named: S3A_SR_2_LAN____20180330T105251_20180330T110250_20180330T130812_0599_029_265______SVL_O_NR_003.SEN3 or the mainfest xml.

I re-downloaded the toolbox for Sentinel 3 and followed the instruction, but I still keep getting the message that no appropriate product reader can be found. Any ideas what I can do?


S3A_SR is altimetry data. This is not support in the Sentinel toolbox.
You need to use the Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT)


Thank you very much for your fast reply. I will try that :slight_smile: