No appropriate product reader

I keep getting an error saying ‘No appropriate product reader’ when trying to import Sentinel -1 images from the Copernicus website. The data is a .safe file. When I do the ‘import’ option, it doesn’t seem that there is an option to import these types of files in SNAP anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Or did they update/change something?

You really should provide enough detail so that others can try to reproduce the issue
(see the FAQ). Please mention the SNAP version and whether all updates are installed. Does this happen with more than one file? Can you provide the name of a file that gives the error?

I am running SNAP 8.0, all updates are installed. This error is occurring with every S1 file I try to import.

Please include actual text in your forum posts as requested in the FAQ. Screen captures (images) are not searchable so don’t help others with the same problem.

You should us the search function to find and try solutions mentioned in similar previous reports, for example:

If you have the current S1TBX, look for details of the problem in:

  • Windows Reliability Monitor

  • SNAP messages.log

You can try backing up any user data in %USERPROFILE%\.snap and reinstalling with the option to discard user data.

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