Sentinel 1 Data product reader error:

Hello people:
I have been trying to read previous threats on this topic, but no one has given a straight answer to the problem.

  1. I have Window 10 64 bit.
  2. I have downloaded SNAP 4.0
  3. I have downloaded win 7zip and I can see the following files .SAFE and inside 2 folders Measurements (.tiff files) and Support with (.xsd files) and a .PDF
  4. I have extracted the files.
  5. I cant open the product not from the .zip OR the .safe file in SNAP4. It does not even allows me to select the .safe file.OpenData.docx (259.3 KB)

Please I really need help with this, cant believe that the fisrt simple step is failing.

Kind regards.
Daniela Palacios

First, let’s make sure you have the Sentinel-1 Toolbox (S1TBX) installed. Check that you have a Radar menu on the top, check the about box for a S1TBX tab and go to Tools -> Plugins to see what version of S1TBX you have.

Hello Iveci:

I do have a RADAR menu on the top, and also have the S1TBX modules installed. Check the document with attached images.
Are the files inside my .ZIP folder correct? people mention .xml files and I dont have any of those.
Kind regards.

.OpenData.docx (305.2 KB)

Then it should be able to open the or file or unzip, open the which is the xml file.
What is the product you are trying to open? What version os SNAP are you using? What error is given when you open the zip?

In the first threat i posted an image with the files and the error i get.

Inside the .zip folder I have a .safe folder and inside i have 2 more folders: Measurements (inside .tiff images) and Support (.xsp files)
I dont have any file just a .safe folder

Thank you.

Unzip the product and in windows explorer look at the files. If there is no in the folder then it’s not a complete product.

Hello, then if i cant see that file the download wasnt complete… I have use the Sentinel Data Hub and downloaded the data from there, I am assuming it should give me all the files?