No appropriate product reading found using full installation of smap

I have installed the full version of toolbox snap ver 9.0 “” all windows -64" and I am trying to open file for Proba V, Rapideye, Trop forest , Spot without success .
I got the error " No appropriate product reader found " . For what concern Spot I’ve tryed to open file with extension *MD , for PROBA *.HMA , for Tropforest *MD

thank you

Dear Leonardo,

the error message states that the formats/sensors/processing levels you are trying to import are not supported by SNAP.

Snap supports:

ProbaV - PROBA-V-L2A/L3 in HDF5 format
Rapideye - L1 and L3 in GeoTIFF format
Spot - Spot 4/5/6/7/VGT DIMAP/GeoTIFF
TropForest - unsupported