No C2X-net option for Sentinel-3 OLCI C2RCC processor,the Chla results are quite different.?

I have processed S-2 MSI and S-3 OLCI data of the same aquisition day for Lake Taihu for retrievsl of Chla concentration in the whole lake. the C2X net result is quite ‘realistic’ with the in situ water quality data in spatial pattern. but the C2RCC net option for S-2 MSI data and for S

-3 OLCI data are both quite different from the C2X net option,and I can choose C2X net option for OLCI data. I have posted this requirement before and was replied that C2RCC processor will automatically select C2X for turbid, optically complex coastal and inland water, but it seems I am not able to get C2X results for OLCI data.
Can I have any workround?

The OLCI C2X neural net has not been developed. If there is enough demand from users, we could consider it.

It is in great need that C2X option is implemented for Sentinel-3 OLCI data, this will facilitate inland and coastal water monitoring.

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