No data from ERA5 METEO File? (Sen-ET plugin)

I have run the Download ECMWF ERA5 reanalysis data module that comes with the Sen-ET plugin. It runs with no problems.

However, when I try to run the followup module Prepare ERA5 reanalysis data I get an error message that there is no data in the variables.

You can also see in the background that there is data.

INFO: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.operators.tooladapter.ToolAdapterIO: Initializing external tool adapters
SEVERE: org.esa.s2tbx.dataio.gdal.activator.GDALDistributionInstaller: The environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not contain the current folder '.'. Its value is '/opt/snap/bin/.././jre/jre/lib/amd64:/opt/snap/bin/.././jre/jre/lib/i386:'.
INFO: org.esa.snap.core.util.EngineVersionCheckActivator: Please check regularly for new updates for the best SNAP experience.
INFO: org.hsqldb.persist.Logger: dataFileCache open start
INFO: org.esa.snap.dataio.bigtiff.BigGeoTiffProductWriter: writing to output file /tmp/tmpogbbizqs.tif
ERROR:air_temperaturecontains no data.
Finished tool execution in 19 seconds

Am I missing something here? I’m following the steps of the Sen-ET User manual.

You can find the ERA5 file that was downloaded with the tool here:

You downloaded meteorological data for 20200702 but you are trying to extract information for 20190426. That’s why there is no data. It should work fine once you change the date in the operator dialog

HI @radosuav. I changed the date and the process did run, thanks. Should be able to continue following the manual now.

can you please explain how to download ECMWF ERA5 reanalysis data from SEN ET plugin. iam getting configuration error(attached figure) while downloading.

please help me out

Hi, have a look at section of the Sen-ET user manual. You need to get CDS key by following instructions from

i got daily evapotranspiration .dim(result) file but its a completely same colour. can any confirm me, whether i got right result or wrong one. here iam sharing my result. iam using SEN ET plugin for calculations.

When I tried to download ECMWF ERA5 with a 40 percentage cloud cover I am not getting any data. Please help me out.