No documentation on PCA

There is no documentation on the Principal Component Analysis tool in the SNAP help.

Yes, your are right. Not so good.
I’ve created an issue for this, so we keep it in mind.

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can anyone explain about component or response of pca operator in SNAP?

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I’m sorry but currently the PCA is a bit messed up in SNAP.
Actually there are two implementations. For one there is now documentation and for the other it is not updated for some time.
Do you have the the S1TBX installed? If you have it you can type in the upper right ‘pca’ to get to the help page. Also attached here pca.pdf (218.0 KB)

And only if you have installed S1TBX you have the second pca.
From the menu you can only access the one which comes with SNAP. If you use the Graph Builder you have access to both.
Sorry, this must be very confusing.

I’ve created an issue for this. I hope that we clean up this mess in the next release.
[SNAP-692] Merge both PCA implementations

thank you so much marpet
I just use SNAP, not S1TBX
I wrote pca in search bar and found something but I don’t understand about second one!
I have one pca in :

I found both of them but I don’t know about the differences!
which of them is good?
how can I find the article that have used to implementation of this operator?

I don’t know either.
Not sure which one is better. As far as i know both give similar results.
We have to merge and consolidate them.

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Thank you so much:relaxed:

Hi @marpet still this issue is the case, hope to get solved in the new release, thanks a lot,

I fear that it will not be included in the next release. Maybe we can fix this with an update afterwards

These are the corresponding issues we have in our tracker:

Thanks a lot, @marpet , it’s good to know