No image after reprojection

hy.i am working on sentinel 2 image.after doing reprojection i want to get image but it only show vector data image with polygon…!

this is image after reprojection

but i want to get this type of image .i am following this videocrop mapping with sentinel 2…i don’t understand how the image show after reprojection when he hide the vector data in this video…can anyone help me? i want to show sentinel 2 image like this after reprojection .this image is taken from this video through screenshot

have you saved the product after creating a subset and before resampling?
What output projection did you select?

yes i saved.i used subset for reprojection after importing shapefiles

does the image look alright before reprojection?

yes.but after projection i only get resulted image and cannot find original image .u can see this in video link.

What about this?

yes i save.and i select UTM / WGS 84( automatic) for reprojection

I don’t have an explanation then, sorry.

Hi Samina,

I don’t understand why the data is reprojected in the video. Actually the data is already on the UTM coordinate reference system.
However, I just tried to do it. I resampled to 60m and reprojected to UTM. It worked.
I see you have not installed all SNAP updates. Maybe an update helps.

But in tutorial its mentioned that reprojected is necessary due to software requirements

for supervised classification, data has to be projected from UTM to WGS84 (maybe not intendet, but reported here and here).
As @marpet said, reprojecting from UTM to UTM doesn’t make sense. Please try WGS84 (DD) instead