No L2A images found before april 2018

I am browsing L2A images from january 2017 to august 2019 on Copernicus Open Access Hub but no images are found before april 2018. However when I browse L1C images there is no problem.
why is this occuring?


Google is your friend…
" Level-2A products are systematically generated at the ground segment over Europe since March 2018, and the production was extended to global in December 2018. Level-2A generation can also be performed by the user through the Sentinel-2 Toolbox using as input the associated Level-1C product (demonstrated below)."



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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Hello Jan,

Last year, I downloaded L2A products of “2017” as I listed below.

However now I cannot see these images on the search results when I browse. Thats why I asked this question.

By the way I know It is possible to generate L2A product from L1C in SNAP but my question was not about it.


Hi @PiriReis

The products you identify are pre-operational production L2A products (S2MSI2Ap).