No OL_2_WFR Available for Sentinel-3 and Alternatives using C2RCC

I don’t know if it’s only me but it seems that I can’t find L2 OLCI Water Data in Scihub-Copernicus

The documentation states that OL_2_WFR or OL_2_WRR should exist but I only see LFR/LRR

Assuming this never becomes available, what is the correct way to use C2RCC and set the processing parameters? Is the output of this method Rrs reflectances?


Water products are provided by Eumetsat.
You can find the access here:
EUMETSAT Data Store - Search for “OLCI OCEAN”

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Thanks! Is there a reason for that? I’m assuming that the complex nature of the atmospheric correction for water mass requires data that Eumetsat has access to

I don’t know the specific reasons. But at one point ESA and Eumetsat decided to split the work for L2. ESA is doing the Land and Eumetsat the water.