"No overlap with master" error when creating stack


I am trying to create stack of S1, S2, NDVI and GLCM textures to do random forest classification.

I have 16 x 4 = 64 images (16 for S1, 16 for S2, 16 for NDVI, 16 for GLCM)


6 bands for each S1 image x 16 images = 96 bands
12 bands for each S2 image x 16 images = 192 bands
1 band for each NDVI image x 16 images = 16 bands
20 bands for each GLCM image x 16 images = 320 bands

when I try to create stack it gives this error:

what should I do to solve the problem?


Did you apply terrain correction to all products (and selected the same coordinate reference system)?

You can check the spatial extent using this tool grafik

All rasters should also be visible in the World View tab actually. Are all products saved as BEAM DIMAP format?

Yes, there was a problem with an image that not overlapping the others. I corrected it, thank you

But at this time, RF classifier gave this error.

your stack contains 65 products, did you maybe rename some of them?

I shortened all products’ names such as below:

After that, I cerated stack without any problem.

But when I try RF classification it gives this error:

how did you rename these products?

Doing it in the file system causes errors because the full (old) names are still stored in the metadata of the *.dim file. The only option is to export every band again under a new name.
But I don’t quite understand why you change the names of the input products because this doesn’t effect the naming of the bands in the later stack at all.

Ok, I got it.

I have hundreds of bands and I renamed just 100 of them but gives this error.

Should I rename all of them?

Not necessarily. The error message is quite cryptic unfortunately.