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Hi everyone
When i select the region i want to get the image of , and after entering some parameters in the advanced search and press enter , i get No Products found.
Does anyone knows how to resolve that issue , i would be very grateful , thank you.

Can you specify where exactly are you searching products?
Please provide a screenshot. Thank you.
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Hello , sure , the area that i’m interested in , is Mexico City :

Thank you.


You have to select a wider area of interest.
Using the following:

I obtained:

And even more close to Mexico City:

I have searched Sentinel-2 products, I don’t know what kind of products you have searched.
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Thank you , it worked perfectly.



I am having the same issue, I have tried this solution for Kalimantan, Malaysia. It either says products not found or invalid request my search is between 97-05.

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Sentinel-2A was launched in June 2015.

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