No Sentinel 2 product after downloading

Hello Everyone! Has anyone of you had the problem of not finding the corresponding Sent2 product metada that is used in the process of Atmospheric correction with sen2cor?? I don’t seem to find a product that opens up correctly in the SNAP tool except for inidvidual bands. Those I Can’t use to correct atmospherically but the whole product that used to come cintaining all information for correction. Does anyone know what could be happening??

Problem solved! Had to do with newer version of SNAP I wasn’t using. However, now the sen2cor tool does not appear anywhere… It used to be in the optical menu and within the preprocesing submenu. Any possible answers to this please???


Please see

Thanks Obarrileiro, as always…

O, what’d be the next step after creating the java folder?? Do I have re-install the tool ?

Nevermind, just reinstalling the plugin does it. Thank you Obarrileiro