Non-interactive installation of SNAP under Ubuntu 14.04 into a given folder

Dearest Step Forum group,

for the use of SNAP toolbox on remote machines I would need a procedure to install the SNAP toolbox non-interactively in a given installation directory. For S1TBX v1.1.1 this was possible by cd into the desired directory and install with:

sh -q -overwrite

For SNAP, however, it will install automatically in the home folder, independent of the pwd, which for my case is not an option. Is there any possibility to hand over an option on the CL which tells the SNAP installation script to install in a given directory?

Thanks in advance!

I’m very sorry that you haven’t got any reply to your question. You’re question must have been overlooked.
Maybe may answer is still helpful for you.
In our wiki we have now a page which describes the installation of SNAP in console and unattended mode.

Again, sorry for the long delay. This shouldn’t happen.

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