Non-linear deformation and height


I had finished processing TerraSAR-X and plot linear deformation using ps_plot(‘v-do’).
A. How can I export non-linear deformation or general deformation?
B. The matrix ‘hgt’ represents the heights for each ‘PS point’. Is that the DEM height, or the PS height? I mean, if that PS comes from the 5th floor of a building, does the ‘hgt’ stores the height of the ground relative to sea-level, or the height of the PS relative to the ground?
Is that height it orthometric or elipsoid?

Thank you!

I’m not really an expert here, but maybe you can clarify, what kind of export you aim at (format, information content, software for further analysis…)
You can always export the average displacement as plotted by ‘v-do’ but it doesn’t contain temporal information. In turn, the time series plots show the (nonlinear) deformation over time, but only for a selected point.
Exporting/visualizing both spatial and temporal variation in one product is nearly impossible.

Well, maybe ‘export’ is not the right word. I meant to say produce / calculate.
If I want to retrieve the temporal variation for each ps point, how can I do that?
Is the calculation for each selected point is carried out ‘on-the-fly’?


you can plot them for selected points using ps_plot('v-do', 'ts')

or you can plot the standard deviation of velocity at each PS with ps_plot(‘vs’)