Non Oracle Java

Hi All,

With Oracle changing the licensing module as of January 2019 this would incur high cost to apply for users licensing. (To maintain and ensure that all security updates)

Are you able to provide detailes on wether SNAP 6 will function with Non Oracle version of Java.
i;e OpenJDK, AdoptOpenJDK, Amazon Corretto.

I look forward to hearing from Y’all.

Kind regards

The next SNAP version will still come with Oracle JRE 8 (update 121).

But with the version 8 of SNAP we plan to switch to another runtime. Probably OpenJDK, but final decision wasn’t made yet.

Regarding the compatibility. There are parts of the code we need to adapt. That’s why we can’t simply switch. But SNAP can already run with OpenJDK, it depends on your use case if you run into problems.