Not founding Output Product

I have a probleme with some L1C image, after runing the Sen2cor I dont found the Output in Product Explorer . No Error message is displayed !!!

Can You Help me please

Reading the message shown, it seems that your input product does not follow the necessary naming convention.


sen2cor only works with the original L1C products, you cannot modify the input product’s name. The output should be generated in the same folder as the input.

I am also having similar problem with the sen2cor tool.
When i try to run sen2cor for my S2 L1C data a window opens and disappears in seconds. Nither an error messages nor any output is generated.

This is the window i see for some seconds.
can anyone tell what i should do to get the output.


SNAP 6 was officially released yesterday, including sen2cor. You could give it a try.

I have a similar problem. I also cannot find the output file and I am not obtaining any error during the process.

I also have also searched in the working environment, but there I only have found: Sen2Cor-post-template.vm_result
Where is the output? Thank you!

your screenshot is too small, please post a larger one.

37 seconds is quite fast. Is there a new product in the folder where you placed the original file?
Do you use the latest version of SNAP?

You can also check the target folder under Tools > Manage external tools > sen2cor > Pack

Hello! This time took 37 sec because I have already processed this image before. The first time took more than 30 min.
In the folder where is placed the original file there is nothing new.
And yes, I use the latest version of SNAP. I was able to use sen2cor with the other version and all was correct, but with the new one I cannot find the output file.
The target folder is:

And I cannot find anything in this folder.

I have to revise, sen2cor places the new file in the same folder as the original one. Please have a look here: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

Thank you! I will follow that process.