NOVA SAR plugin/processing

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I want to process the NOVA SAR data. So i installed a plugine “NOVA SAR Product reader” but it’s not reading my data. anyone aware with this issue and NOVA SAR data?


can you provide more information? For example, which version of SNAP are you using, what is the error shown in SNAP when you try to open the product.


Thanks for reply. I’ve resolved it. it was very naive mistake i didn’t check the “SNAP Community plugin” in setting. Now it’s reading the data. But i want to perform polarimetric decomposition (as i’ve three polarization HV, HH, VV) but it is showing me error “Input should be polarimetric product”. Any idea about it?

Polarimetric tools need all four polarizations (VH is not contained in your product, right?)

yes it’s not there. Actually i am heading towards to do a classification. Should i treat it as normal raster to classify? I was trying to make a decomposition image and after that to perform classification (supervised).

You can still derive different parameters for classification, maybe not fully polarimetric ones. Maybe this tutorial helps you.
Landcover classification with Sentinel-1 GRD

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Ok! i will go through this and try. Thankyou