NullPointerException during processing

I am using python to do batch processing. I used level 1C sentinel 2 images. After the process has been processed have been performed in several images for some unexpected reason it stucks (image attached).

Any ideas?

This is hard to tell without knowing your processing chain. In general, your processing works. But maybe there is something special about the product where the process fails?
If you try the same processing in SNAP Desktop do you get the same error with this product?
Maybe it is a memory issue. If you change the order of the products, does the process still fail at the same product?

The processing chain i am using is resampling, subsetting, masking and C2RCC. Now i did the same processes using the image that stuck (Image processed:S2,20171211) and python and had no problems.

So what do you think?

So it could be a memory problem. It was already reported several times. When doing batch processing the memory is not fully freed. I don’t know where the memory leak occurs. If it is in Python or in Java or in between.
Maybe it is possible for you to split your processing into chunks. Maybe only do 5 products at once. And for the next start a new process. This should overcome the issue.