Numpy 1.14.0 deprecation breaks sen2cor

This commit causes an exception when two boolean numpy arrays are subtracted using the - operator in numpy 1.14.0. This has been deprecated since numpy 1.9, but sen2cor uses it in L2A_SceneClass:263:

ring = snow_mask_dil - snow_mask

I think the subtraction could be replaced with a binary XOR here (snow_mask_dil ^ snow_mask) but I have not checked to see if the problem crops up anywhere else. The problem does not arise in numpy 1.13.1 or 1.13.2, but does in 1.13.0. It was reverted in 1.13.1-2 to fix some internal breakages, but 1.14.0 onwards will cause this issue.


I think it would be better to report that directly on github.

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Hi ABraun,

It is not clear which repo would be best to report this on. As I mentioned in another thread there does not seem to currently be an ESA-owned repo containing sen2cor, and no repo, as far as I can tell, with the latest version.

Actually, it should be this repository:
But there has been not much activity in the past and it seems to be outdated.
So I’m also wondering where the public code is.
@umwilm can you tell where the current source code is hosted?

Any word on this? We’re now another couple of versions ahead and there is no easy way to get at the project’s source.