Numpy, snappy and python 3.4

Dear colleagues,

As far as I know snappy only works for python versions up to 3.4. However, I cannot install numpy for python 3.4 as “Python 3.4 support has been deprecated”.

Any help is much appreciated.

Snappy works for 3.6

I guess web page

How to use the SNAP API from Python

have to be updated.

Thank you.

Are you sure about this? , Because I tried up many pythons miniconda3 and Anaconda, snappy couldn’t be configured, and with python 2.7 the problem is the pip packages, however with python 3.4 the problem of pip is solved, but the numpy is other problem.

Hi falahfakhri,

It works for python 3.6. It was a headache to set it up, giving different errors. The most difficult to solve was the jpy “ImportError: DLL load failed error”. None of the solutions I found in the web worked.

To configure snappy I had done “ install ” as said in, which copy some snappy files under the python dist-packages directory, but not all of them. That configuration gave me that DLL error.

When I manually copied the “.snap\snap-python\snappy ” directory directly into the site-packages directory of the Python installation it worked.

Yes I am currently using snappy on python 3.6. I had to read the installation process several times and follow directions carefully. Perhaps it was easier to install for me because I was using Ubuntu 18.04. Never tried it on other platforms.

Thanks a lot @palejandro and @hah229 for your answeres, actually in my case it’s windows os, and I tried many options as mentioned in this Thread: Source of the thread finally I succeeded by @johngan and @ABraun assistance, But myself I did many trials under windows all of those are failed except of py34, the thing in this py under windows most of the packages should be installed using wheel, for instance matplotlib, pandas, scipy,,

The tip of @palejandro to directly copy the snappy directory into the site-packages directory worked for me, thank you! And I’m using windows os with conda python 3.6. So it is possible for windows :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
I know this issue has already been resolved. But I want to tell you that snappy works with python 3.6.

One can refer this blog while installing it with conda environment -

Apart from this, what I have found that the most easiest and error free way to do this is while installing the SNAP as mentioned in -

Thank you.

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