OC-SMART Sentinel-2

Dear SNAP Community Plugins
I’m trying to run the atmosphere correction OC-SMART in L1C-MSI Sentinel-2A. However, I’m getting this message regarding the ancillary data for ozone.
“Unable to download ancillary data for ozone. Using climatology data as backup…”
If I click “OK” the AC doesn’t work properly.
I don’t know how to fix it. Please, could someone help me to solve this issue?
Many thanks for considering my request.
Amália Detoni

Hello Amália,

even though a plugin for SNAP is provided, OC-SMART is not a Community Plugin in the narrow meaning. Community Plugins are listed on this page: SNAP Community Plugins – STEP (esa.int)
So, I think the developer of OC-SMART do not monitor this forum.
It seems they do not provide user support at all. At least it is difficult to find a contact point.
Maybe you can reach out to Knut Stamnes who is the director of the laboratory which developed OC-SMART. Knut Stamnes - Stevens Institute of Technology

Just a hint from my side. The plugin is made for SNAP 7. This is what is mentioned in the user guide. Maybe OC-SMART wasn’t updated for the latest changes of the S2-MSI format.

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Thank you so much for your attention and help!
I will email Professor Knut Stamnes!
I appreciate it!

Dear Amaliadetoni,
My greetings.
Do you solve this problem?
I face the same you have mentioned.
I would be grateful if you feed me back with your findings.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Bassam Gabr

OC-SMART wasn’t updated for the latest changes of the S2-MSI format. As Marco Peters said, the plugin is made only for SNAP 7. So I installed the previous version and OC-SMART run!

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Thanks, Amaliadetoni
I will try SNAP V 7.0

Please, I got this error while doing the resampling with SNAP 7 for the S2 image as the first step before OC-SMART. Do you know about that?

Dear Bassam Gabr

I don’t know the exact reason, but it happened the same with me when running only current images.
I was processing 2017 images, and I got no problem with that. But, trying to process 2022 images, I got the same error message. So, I solved it by running the Resampling in another way: Raster > Geometric Operations > Resampling.
This could help to move to the OC-SMART step.

Thank you very much for your support.

I think SNAP 7 cannot deal with the more recent S-2 product format updates. Hopefully you can find a combination of SNAP 9 and SNAP 7 operations that work.